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Roller Real Estate sets itself apart from both the brokerage community and other online services by not only tracking vacant retail units but by tracking every retail unit, regardless of its availability, in 284 cities and 29 counties in Northern & Central California. This equates to well over 250,000 retail units in our proprietary Retail Building Database.

This information allows us to observe which retailers are struggling and which have leases soon to expire. This affords our clients the "first look" opportunity on a unit before it is available on the open market.

Additionally, because this information is continuously updated, we have gathered a large amount of data on former tenants dating as far back as 25 years.  This information gives us great insight on what retail use may or may not work in any given center, which other online databases simply cannot provide as they were not even in existence when we began collecting our data.

Also, by using another proprietary system we track every planned retail project currently under review in every city in the 29 counties of Northern & Central California.  By doing so we receive data on planned retail projects before the developer has even begun construction and long before our client's competitors even know they exist.

To take advantage of this free service simply fill in the Site Requirement Form aside.  Our information is available to our client's only and it is not available for public consumption.
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    We value your privacy. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

  • We value your privacy. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

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