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The Shopping Center Game
The Shopping Center Game
(1, 2, 3 or 4 PlayerS)

Objective:  Get as many exclusives as possible and then wait for the phone to ring.
Winner:  $$$$
Materials Needed:  A Silver Tongue, Nice Car, Nice Smile, Nice Suit, Nice Watch, and an IPhone.

Directions of Playing:
1.  Promise the world, but don't worry as no real game plan or market knowledge is necessary.
3.  Pawn off smaller accounts on the firm’s rookie agent.
4.  List Property on Loopnet & Co-Star and wait for another agent to bring you a tenant.
5.  Put up a sign and wait for the phone to ring.
6.  Sell the Landlord into negotiating with a lousy tenant.
7.  Then sell the Landlord on a deal with a low lease rate, high TI's and lots of free rent.
9.  Abandon ship! The landlord can fend for himself on any remaining issues.

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